A dispatch from old Grosse Pointe.

A charming Kathy Ryan story in today’s GP News, about the sale of the Tennis House – which, if you’re a crass newcomer like me, you know as “the Quonset hut-shaped building next to Brownell” – to new owners.

(At least, I think we’re talking about a sale here, if that’s what “stewardship of the facility was recently passed to long-time member Gene Kornmeier and his family” means.)

The club was most recently featured in a New York Times style story in the depths of the recession, which called it the most exclusive club in the Pointes. Membership was capped at 100 families, but Ryan reports it hasn’t been close to that number in years. It’s at 40 now, but the new owner/stewards hope renovations will help boost that.

Go read. Worth your time.

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One response to “A dispatch from old Grosse Pointe.”

  1. GP For Life said on September 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, Nancy. Great article from Kathy.

    I too have found that building to be a bit ugly, but love the history and landscaping. Here’s to hoping the new stewards will guard it well and keep it from ending up as an activity center for poor kids or something.

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